This foundation wall in front of me has honeycomb. It occurs when concrete starts to break down into pieces.  We typically find them in crawl space components, like Foundation wall, Footings, Concrete Columns, Beams, and Slabs in a house with Slab on Grade foundation.

Why sometimes we consider honeycomb a Defect or Concern?

When the honeycomb on the concrete wall extends deep into the wall and/or emerges in the area that is exposed to a high volume of moisture, it can lead to major structural issues and even mold in your house.

How does it happen?

Well, there are multiple factors that cause honeycomb in concrete.

Before Pouring Concrete:

  • Imbalance ratio of Water and Cement
  • No Vibration in concrete
  • Physical Obstacles like metal bar placements pattern in place


At Pouring Phase,

  • Leakage and Adhesion of concrete in Wood Boards
  • Old or Damaged Boards which do not have firm contact with concrete


Recommendation and solution:

There are ways to repair honeycomb, the best practice would be contacting a certified and qualified contractor to see how bad it is or how you can fix it if it is serious. Or it is just a cosmetic problem.

Also, there are specific grout and stain available for honeycomb repair.