Are you still concerned about what to do with your shiny new houses? Don’t worry, we got you. Today we are sharing 4 tips from an industry expert that helps you create your own story in your house!


  1. Think Big

Don’t be shy to grant your interior a big theme and apply what you think about it by adding related elements!


  1. Focus on your Favorite Furniture

Think about how you plan an outfit around your favorite jewelry or handbag, the same applies to interior design.  Think about what you’ll see when you walk into your space and then consider how your eye will move around the room, and choose a feature you want to highlight the most. 


  1. Go Bold

Don’t be limited by small repeating patterns! Go bolder by trying something with a big design like a mural, textured tiles, or floor-to-ceiling wainscoting!


  1. Look up

Remember, the ceiling is a canvas too. Utilize the area above to create another great accent and draw attention with your unique style ceiling design!


Source: Accessed August 16th, 2020