A lot of our homeowners consider raising cats as pets because they are cute and need relatively low attention. Especially during COVID-19, they can be really nice quarantine buddies. However, we have heard a lot of our clients complaining about cats’ scratches everywhere. But no worries, today we are introducing you, 3 Key Pieces of Advice that Stop your Cat from Scrrrrrrratching!


  • It is normal for your cat to scratch, and it is actually important for them!

To name a few, it acts as an exercise for cats to stretch and strengthen their upper body.


  • Buy more cat furniture!

Cat furniture like scratchers and trees are good scratchers for your cats, and they will leave your furniture alone when they find something more suitable and satisfying to scratch on. One key thing to notice is don’t cover up the spot or try to tape things. These will both harm your cat as well as your furniture.


  • Clip their nails

Ideally, you should trim your cats’ nails once every 2-3 weeks. Just like human beings, it helps prevent extra bacterias from entering and makes healthier nails. Some noteworthy tips include: Do it slowly, do it while they are napping, and focus only on the tips.

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