Hey guys, we hope you all have read 5 Pro Tips to Keep Your Garden Healthy and found some of the contents useful!

But Caspians understand that some of our clients are living a hustle fulfilling life who don’t have much time to start from the very beginning or perform all the tips we shared. 

So today we are coming with 3 concise, necessary lawn care tips that not only save you time but also keep your lawn in the best shape!


  1. Mow? Mow!

When your grass is dry and ready to be cut, bring out your sharpened blades for a mow! Make sure to maintain at least 3 inches of your grass to stay healthy, and mow it from different directions each time! 


  1. Weed out weed!

Try to pull out weeds before they start deeply rooting with soil that is damp. Use herbicide if necessary.


  1. Feed!

Fertilize your lawn regularly but be sure not to over-feed your grass. Consult lawn services if necessary.


Source: https://www.tollbrothers.com/blog/lawn-care-tips-to-create-a-spectacular-garden/ Accessed September 13rd 2020