Have you ever found it clueless when it comes to taking care of your gas stove? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Today we are sharing 3 Pro Tips that help you Maintain and Polish your Gas Stove!


How often?

It is one of the questions we got asked a lot. The simplest answer is: Wipe Down   

Daily, Scrub Weekly, Deep Clean Monthly. To expand on it, wipe it down after it is cooled every day, scrub the grate and the surface below once a week, and take everything apart to completely clean each of them monthly.


What to clean with?

We strongly recommend a combination of vinegar and dish soap because the former is an acid while the latter is a base. Mixing them with hard water can dissolve most of the stains on your stove.


Where to clean?

  • After taking off the grates, scrub down the stove surfaces. It is very important to prevent grease fire that is caused by the accumulated grease. 


  • Clean the burner channels. Make sure to not use a toothpick or anything made of wood else it could cause wood breaking off related problems


  • Generally, the best way to keep the burner channels clean yet to clean them regularly along with the burner caps.


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