Hope you enjoyed our previous blogs about the garden and electronic appliances! Today, we are one step further inside —- let’s check out your rug! It can be clueless and annoying to clean up or provide correct care to rugs as they are big and delicate. No worries, check below for 4 Pro Rug Maintenance Tips!

  1. Vroom, Vroom!

Regular Vacuuming your rug is essential as it removes bigger particles like dust and fragments that are trapped between fibers. 


2. Try Rug Pads

Believe it or not, rug pads help extend your rugs’ lifespan! They not only prevent slipping but also absorb sound and provide softness!


3. Put an extra layer between heavy furniture and rug

Try putting paper cards or furniture coasters under your furniture legs to prevent dents.


4. Consider professional cleaning

While you might put a lot of effort home cleaning your rug, a professional rug cleaning every 12-18 months is important to extend the life of your rug and bring back its natural color and texture.


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