Caspians are taking care of your dishwashers today! Continue reading for 5 helpful, easy ways to clean your dishwashers!


  1. Wash Regularly!

This step might not click at first, but it makes sense right? Keeping it running periodically prevents clotting.


  1. Give Attention to Spinning Arms!

The mechanism behind dishwashers is spraying water out of their spinning arms onto the dishes. Clean up the debris on the arms with a small piece of wire or toothpick to make sure it functions correctly.


  1. Clean the Edges and Exterior!

Have you ever wondered where the unpleasant odors come from in your kitchen? Surprisingly, It might be your dishwasher! Check out the edges and exterior of your dishwasher to avoid piling up of spills and debris!


  1. Use an Acid if there’s already a buildup!

Check out these options: lemon juice, white vinegar, Tang


  1. Unclog the drain!

Have you ever found that your dishes are less sparkling after cleanup or there is water left still? This may be the result of a clogged drain! Remove the pieces and debris to keep it running healthily!


Reference: Accessed August 26th