Last few weeks we introduced maintenance tips for some indoor devices, are you ready to take a step outdoors this week? Let us introduce you with 5 pro tips to keep your garden thriving!


  1. Make sure you buy good plants in the first place!

    This is the fundamental way of limiting disease in your garden—-just don’t introduce them! Make sure you examine the health condition of your beloved plant before you bring it home! You can also check out some books, magazines, and websites to see what a healthy specimen should look like!


  1. Use suitable fertilizers!

    Going too far is as bad as going not far enough! The overabundance of nutrients can also put stress on your plants. Make sure you do research about what types of fertilizers optimize your plants and get a soil test from a local agency to understand the nutrients level of your current soil!


  1. Trim the damaged part in late winter! 

    While wounded limbs can be infected during winter and pass on the infection to newborn, a right-on-time late winter pruning using sharp tools will take care of it just fine!


  1. Water properly! 

    This may be one of the most emphasized points that you have heard of. And indeed, watering your plants is a good thing only if you do it in the correct way! Soaker hoses and drip irrigation will avoid satisfying foliage pathogens needed for a favorable environment to live in. If you are watering by hand, hold the leaves out of the way as you water the roots.


  1. Keep proper spacing! 

    Although this may be quite an instinct to try to fill in as many plants as possible, this will actually do harm to your plants as they will fight for light, water, and nutrients. The weak plants will be highly susceptible to diseases and once they are infected, they will pass it to other healthy plants.


Accessed August 12th. 2020
Accessed August 12th. 2020