Howdy! Earlier this week we shared a blog about how to maintain your fridge, and now we are back with the same thing for your microwave!


  1. Keep it clean inside-out! Clean your microwave with soap and water so that the food and liquid won’t absorb extra energy which leads to burning spots and damages.


  1. Be gentle to the door! Have you ever accidentally slammed it or instead used your elbow to close it? Stop, because it might cause damage to the switches!


  1. Notice weight limitations! This is one point that is being ignored frequently. Usually printed on the door or on an online manual, check it before you put some heavy dishes into it so that it won’t stain the turntable and the motor.


  1. Use more pre-programmed cooking times! These are usually designed to make your microwave more efficiently with less energy.


  1. Do replacements when needed and know when to call for help! One can’t be too careful and it’s also beneficial with you are always prepared. 

Reference: Accessed August 1st.