Hi homeowners! Have you ever been bothered by the toxic smell of a new home? No worries, we have your back! Just continue reading for 5 Expert Tips that help cleans up the air!


  1. Open windows!

Yes, this is quite intuitively but yet very important to promote ventilation.


  1. Run the fans whenever possible!
    Furnace, ERV, HRV, bathroom, or kitchen exhaust fans, any of those could really increase airflow! But please make sure to leave the windows open so that the air is actually exchanging with the outside fresh air instead of indoor circulating.


  1. Change the furnace filter after construction.

Usually, the one being left after the constructor is not a very useful one. A better one should be at least MERV14 or is advertised to remove allergens. In addition, don’t forget to change it when it is dirty, especially the first few months after construction.


  1. Heat off the toxins!
    Indoor air pollutants such as ozone and formaldehyde will move faster under higher temperatures. So you can crank up your AC before you move in but make sure to limit the space size by opening a window and closing a door. Otherwise, the toxic air will be absorbed by soft surfaces. 


  1. Consider an air purifier.

If you have performed all of the above, but the condition still doesn’t seem to be improved, you can consider investing in an air purifier. This is a professional way of detoxifying unhealthy air.  

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