When electronic appliances are integrating into our lives and becoming essential parts of it, they are so convenient that a single breakdown can cost you a lot. Refrigerators keep your food and drink fresh and healthy, but with some extra care and tenderness, you can certainly avoid situations that bring you headaches!


Here we are providing 5 tips that keep your refrigerator running efficiently:


  1. Minimize grazing. Have you ever mindlessly been eating in front of your fridge? Try to avoid that because it will let cold air escape!


  1. Put leftovers in the refrigerator after they are cooled. If you put hot leftovers into your fridge immediately, this will significantly raise inside temperature and make the compressor work harder.


  1. Always cover your food before putting them into the refrigerator. This might seems subtle, but the immediate release of moisture from your food can cause your fridge to work extra harder. Covering your food also prevents your food from drying out and being contaminated.  


  1. Separate your appliances. Try to keep your fridge from those heat-conducting appliances like dishwater and oven next time to avoid extra heat.


  1. Clean and inspect the gaskets regularly. Use warm water and mild soap to gently scrub any dirt off the door seal. You can also test the seal by closing a dollar bill in the door so that it is half in and half out of your fridge. If your gasket can’t hold the bill firmly in place even after cleanup, you should consider replacing the seal.


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