Video Transcript
Dylan: Hi everyone, Dylan Wolf here with Windermere Real Estate. As part of our home inspection series I’m here again with Hamed from Caspian Home Inspections. Hamed, welcome.
Hamed: Thank you.
Dylan: Today you’re going to show us what you’re inspecting in a bathroom, right?
Hamed: Yeah. One of the part of inspection for us, as inspector, to just come can check the bathroom. Check for different things. We are going to check wiring here. We check plumbing here. Make sure that the plumbing under the sink is in good shape. Especially the shower and tub. Sometimes there are some houses that they have a whirlpool, so we need to check and make sure that their whirlpool is running well. That they have hot water, they have cold water, and the drainage is perfect, there’s no problem with your drainage.
Hamed: Also, we’re just going to check the receptacles wiring to make sure that it is GFCI. As we know that GFCI must be in the bathroom, in the wet areas.
Dylan: Okey.
Hamed: Yeah. [crosstalk 00:00:55] We just check counters, just make sure that the faucets are not leaking, pipes not leaking. Yeah. Check for this, make sure that there’s no gap between these counters and the wall.
Dylan: Okey.
Hamed: the water’s not penetrating there.
Dylan: Yeah.
Hamed: Typically these are-
Dylan: [crosstalk 00:01:11] Do you check also the toilet?
Hamed: Yeah. Which also we just check the toilet. We just flush the toilet. We just go around the toilet. We have some tools that we check the moisture. Make sure that the moisture … There’s no … Sometimes, I mean, there are some leaks inside of the toilet that is not obvious, is not clear, you can’t see it by your eyes. So we use those tools to make sure that there’s no moisture leak around that area.
Dylan: Okay. What about the shower?
Hamed: The shower we’re just going to run the shower, run the faucets to make sure that it’s not leaking or anything. We’re just going to check around those area, the shower, tub, and everything is caulked and is sealed. So there’s no leaking around that area because you don’t want to see water, again [inaudible 00:01:54] anything, around those. Like around wall or anything, so make sure that everything is in good shape.
Dylan: All right, thank you for the explanation Hamed.
Hamed: No worries. Anytime.
Dylan: I’m sure there’s plenty more stuff that you check-
Hamed: Yeah.
Dylan: … in the bathrooms.
Hamed: There’s some physical things to do.
Dylan: Yeah. Again, if you want to learn more about what Hamed inspects during a bathroom inspection or a home inspection in general please feel free to contact me or Hamed.
Hamed: Yeah, for sure.
Dylan: For now thank you and thank you for watching.
Hamed: Thank you.