Video Transcript
Dylan: Hi everyone, Dylan Wolf here with Windermere Real Estate. Today, as part of our home inspection series, I’m here with Hamed from Caspian Home Inspections. He’s actually in the crawlspace, so let’s go over there and see what he’s doing there. Hey Hamed.
Hamed: Hey, how you doing?
Dylan: Hamed. Good.
Hamed: Yeah, it’s my favorite part actually, to be in the crawlspace.
Dylan: Awesome.
Hamed: Yeah. Most people, they don’t like to get there but it’s good to just go get there and just get some information about the foundation wall. Like check your pipes, especially because most of the drainage pipe going to be there. Yeah, look for-
Dylan: [crosstalk 00:00:34] Did you see any rats or …
Hamed: No. I mean fortunately I didn’t see any rats, or any raccoon, or anything. Actually this crawlspace is in really good shape. They have their water barrier on the floor and the insulation is in pretty good shape under subfloor. Actually behind the subfloor. Yeah, actually it’s in pretty good shape.
Hamed: I just checked the structural because there are lots of structural and that because the foundation is started from here. So it’s good to just check for like, for example, the foundation wall. Like beams or like your floor joists. Make sure the woods are in a good shape. They are not … There’s no wood rot, or just like there’s no moisture, or any problem like that. Yeah, we’re just going to check for these items to see how it’s good back inside. Yeah.
Dylan: Awesome.
Hamed: Yeah.
Dylan: There’s a lot of stuff that you check for during the inspection in a crawlspace and I’m sure there’s a lot more. So if you want to learn more about what he checks for in a crawlspace or home inspections in general just give me a call or Hamed and we’re more than happy to answer any questions that you might have. For now, thank you for watching.