All homeowners use garage doors almost every day and for the proper operation, they should consider regular maintenance, like monthly maintenance checkups.


  • Check for any Cracks or Damages on Door, cracks, and damages on the door could affect its performance and could be a safety hazard, recommend a regular visual inspection on both sides of the door.


  • Test Door Balance, by releasing the door handle and lift the door manually and open it halfway, if it stays there it is balanced otherwise a professional and licensed technician should do the adjustment.


  • Test Door Safety Reverse, by putting a 2*4 lumber in the middle of the door where it contacts the floor you can test its safety reverse. If the door hits the lumber and reverse means it is working otherwise a professional and licensed technician should do the adjustment.


  • Test Photo Eye Sensors, are located on the door around 6 to 8 inches away from the floor and if someone or something passes the door while it is operating, it stops the door and reverses it. Wave something in front of them to check their performance. Sometimes the sensors’ eyes should be cleaned by wipe or maybe need professional help.


  • Inspect All Hinges and Lubricate Them, any loose hinge can be tightened by ranch but do not apply too much force on them. Do not use lubricants on tracks only clean it because lubricating could cause the door slip and become unbalanced.


  • Check the Battery and Light Bulbs in Opener, if needed replace them. For battery, try your door when the opener is unplugged to test the battery performance if it does not work maybe it is time to replace it.


  • Check Opener in the Rail to See if it Gets a Little Sag in Chain or Belt, if you see loose chain or belt it might need adjustment which you can check with the door manual or consult with a professional.