Video Transcript
Dylan: Hi everyone. Dylan Wolf here with Windermere Real Estate. And today I’m here with Hamed from Caspian Home Inspections, as part of our home inspection series. And Hamed, we’re at the furnace.
Hamed: Yep.
Dylan: So what do you inspect with the furnace?
Hamed: So for the furnace, which is part of the heating system, we just check some safety caution, safety concerns, like for example, we would just want to make sure that there’s a key, there’s this kind of key to make sure that anytime there is a problem with the furnace or there’s some hazard, that you just want to make sure that you want to turn it off. So there’s a key that you can just switch it or turn it off. So the disconnect is important. Also, we just want to have you have a gas shutoff valve here so you can just disconnect the gas there.
Hamed: And then we’re just going to open this panel and check inside, check for the wiring and make sure that there is no rusted or corrosion, there’s no rust inside of the furnace. And also we’re just going to check the flame. We’re going to start and check the flame. How does it look like, the color? So the color is important.
Hamed: Also, there’s a filter section here that some of them are electronic and some of them are a standard. So for a standard you need to change every two or three months that you can change your filter, just for better ventilation, which is good for furnace and also for your house air. Because sometimes the air is coming in from outside. There are some particles that you don’t want to just come to your house.
Dylan: Yeah. The stuff that you breathe in.
Hamed: Yeah, we just going to make sure the ducts are in a good shape and they’re like sealed and the joins and everything is fine. And also we ask our clients to just have a sheet or something just for service because it’s good to have your heating system to be serviced every year or every two years, to make sure everything’s going well, because furnace has lots of sensors inside. So it’s good to just check them just for the safety things, make sure that everything’s perfect.
Dylan: How long does a furnace typically last?
Hamed: So typically furnace… We have different kind of furnace, like that they just work with gas, electric or just like oils, but typically the average, I can say for maybe 30 years..
Dylan: 30 years. Okay, that’s a lot longer than that. But most people [crosstalk 00:02:10].
Hamed: Also you check the age for the client and we tell them, okay, how long is left.
Dylan: All right.
Hamed: Just like the same with the hot water heater.
Dylan: Well thank you for that-
Hamed: Yeah, absolutely.
Dylan: And I’m sure there’s a lot more that you can tell us.
Hamed: Sure, absolutely.
Dylan: And the specs about furnace and heating in general. So if you want more information about that, please contact me or Hamed. We’re more than happy to answer any questions that you might have. For now, thank you Hamed.
Hamed: Yeah, sure, absolutely.
Dylan: Thank you for watching.