Video Transcript
Dylan: Hi everyone. Dylan Wolf here with Windermere Real Estate. Today I’m here with Hamed from Castro Home Inspections. Now, as part of our home inspection series, he’s going to do an inspection on the exterior of the house, and he’s going to talk a little bit about some key points that he addresses during one of those inspections. So let’s go. Let’s do it.
Hamed: Let’s go. So yeah, the first thing that as an inspectors that we look for is just like we just go around and look at the house, check different items, check different things. For example, sidings and also gutters, downspouts and everything. We just want to make sure that, for example, the distance between the siding and the ground is enough, six inches or something like that. And also we just want to make sure the grading, which we can just follow me or you can just look around here.
Hamed: We just want to make sure that the ground is… The slope is in a good shape. For example, the water is just going to be away from the house. It’s not going to be toward the house. Because as we know that water is the first enemy of the house. We just want to do our best to direct all water out of the house. We’re just going to check the siding and make sure that there’s no dent or broken or just damage or something because when it’s damaged, water can penetrate inside. Look for windows and different things. We check gutters and down spot because you can just follow and look at this one. This one is in good shape. It has it’s own pipe to direct the water out. Some of them, they don’t have. So make sure that the water is not just going to pour down here because it goes to your foundation, water is going to weaken your foundation over a long time.
Hamed: Also, we just want to check the window, make sure it’s in good shape and the trims. The trims are not… Because they’re all exposed to the water, so we just want to make sure that they are in good shape. So we look for wood rot or some broken things or damage, especially windows.
Dylan: Okay. And also check the receptacles as well?
Hamed: We’re just going to check the receptacles, make sure that the receptacles are covered first and then they must be GFC R1. Yeah, GFC are just for your protection.
Dylan: It’s for surge protection?
Hamed: Yeah, the surge protection. You just want to make sure that you’re not going to get electrocution or something. So make sure that they have their own cover and also they are GFCI. That’s the most things that typically we search. There are lots of items that we search on video, but for this one-
Dylan: It sounds like the most common enemy is water. That’s great that you inspect all of those items and I’m sure there’s plenty more that you actually do during actual a home inspection. If you want to learn more about the exterior home inspection or inspection in general, please contact me or Hamed, and we’re more than happy to give you more information. For now, thank you Hamed.
Hamed: Always, anytime.
Dylan: Thank you for watching.