Video Transcript
Dylan: Hi everyone. Dylan Wolf here with Windermere Real Estate. And as part of our home inspection series, I’m here with Hamed with Caspian Home Inspections. Welcome again.
Hamed: Thank you.
Dylan: So, today we’re in the laundry room.
Hamed: Yep.
Dylan: And what do you inspect in the laundry room?
Hamed: So typically in the laundry room, we just check for a sink. If there’s a sink here, we just want to make sure that the sink is in the… the same thing with the kitchen. So, we just want to check the P-Traps, also we just want to make sure that there’s no leak on the faucets, and on the pipes. And also for the laundry product, the washer and dryer, we just going to check that all pipes and everything is in good shape. And especially the dryer vent pipe is totally intact, because every time that you dry your clothes, there’s some byproduct coming from out, it’s called lint. So this lint is a product that is biohazard, so you don’t want to have around your house. Sometimes people just move hard your dryer, you just want to be in a good shape, but they don’t see behind this dryer, that they just like push hard there [crosstalk 00:01:06]-
Dylan: And then they destroy the dryer vents.
Hamed: Yeah, so the dryer vent just going to be broken or damaged, and this is a problem. Because the lint’s going to be in the room and they just like… they need like, for a fire, sparks. That’s it.
Dylan: I’m glad that you check on that, then.
Hamed: Well, we are just going to check the piping, in good shape, make sure that it is not broken and that it is a good material. Because sometimes people use some materials that is not good.
Dylan: Okey.
Hamed: I’m going to check everything, yeah.
Dylan: And I also see that there, this… a hole over there?
Hamed: Oh, yeah. This actually is attic access, so we just put a ladder there to go there. I’ll be doing that because of this laundry, it’s hard to get there. But, yeah, we put ladder to get there on the attic, which is important. The other part of the roof inspection is there. First we just going to check on the roof, and then we’re going to go on the roof, to see that, how does it look like, the sheeting, the sheeting and the structural wood, how does it look like.
Hamed: We check all the structural components, like rafters or like truss, different things that we have there to make sure that they’re in good shape, the nails are good, they just did a good job in the nail part and everything. So, make sure that everything’s fine, there’s no leak, there’s no moisture, we just want to make sure that the attic build flow, the ventilation is totally fine. So, yeah, I’ll also check our insulation, make sure that we have insulation there and the insulation is in good shape and in the right position.
Dylan: Okay. Well, thank you for that. And I’m sure there’s a lot more components that you check for during the laundry room and the attic inspection. So, if you want to learn more about those or a home inspection in general, please contact me or Hamed, and we’re more than welcome to answer any questions that you might have. So for now, thank you for watching.
Hamed: Thank you.