Video Transcript
Dylan: Hi, everyone, Dylan Wolf here with Windermere Real Estate. And today, as part of our home inspection series, I’m again with Hamed from Caspian Home Inspections and he’s actually on the roof, coming down because he just inspected the roof.
Hamed: Hey, Dylan. How you doing?
Dylan: Good. How are you, Hamed?
Hamed: Good to see you.
Dylan: Yeah, good to see you again. So what are you looking for up there?
Hamed: We just want to see how does it look like the roof. We just want to first check the layers, check what’s the material, what’s the layer, what’s the age. Because age is important things. Most of the time, our clients ask us, “Okay, how old is he? How long I have time for now?”
Dylan: That’s the number one question I get at open houses.
Hamed: Yeah, the very most important question is just “Okay, what’s the service life of the roof? How long I’m just going to be … For how long does it take for me to just pay for another roof?”
Hamed: So we’re just going to find this information on the roof. Check the layers, how many layers they have. So this one that if you see on the top is a asphalt shingle, which typically average, they go for twenty years. I’m talking average. I mean sometimes they go for 25 years, sometimes they go just like 15 years or maybe less.
Dylan: Yeah.
Hamed: Depends on how they installed, the people that installed that one. So we check different things. One of the most important things on the roof is the penetration on the roof. For example, you have a ventilation, you have exhaust fan. So we just want to check around those area that they are good. Especially the skylight. Many people, they love a skylight but a skylight is one of the most susceptible place that maybe there is going to be rain or something like that, that just water just going to penetrate.
Hamed: I’ve heard lots of comments from people that they said that they have rain from that point. Yeah, we’re just going to check some … Check the gutters, check flashing, make sure that all flashing is there. For example, that one right there on the corner is kickout flashing which is for protecting your siding.
Dylan: Yeah.
Hamed: And yeah, there it is. Kind of information that we just go around and just ask and just find information on that and come back and just write down the report and yeah, based on that one.
Dylan: Bud, thank you for that.
Hamed: Yeah.
Dylan: So it sounds, again, just like with the exterior of the house one we did, water is the number one enemy.
Hamed: Exactly. You just want to make sure that-
Dylan: So you just want to make sure that’s good.
Hamed: It’s in a good shape, it’s not broken, it’s not damaged, it’s not missing. Shingles or different things are not missing. So make sure everything’s there. Yeah. We’re looking for signs, signs like leaking, moisture.
Dylan: Yeah. So that the roof is actually in a good shape. And of course there are other items that you are looking for during the roof inspection. And again, if you want more information about the roof inspection or inspection in general, contact me or Hamed, we’re more than happy to help you. Thank you Hamed.
Hamed: Yeah, sure, any time.
Dylan: Yeah and thank you for watching.
Hamed: Thank you.