In this blog, I want to provide a brief checklist for water heater safety and Maintenance tips:


  • Temperature Pressure Relief (TPR) valve is installed properly (5 to 6 inches away from the floor, not capped and not threaded at the end)
  • Vent Pipe is Installed Properly (for Gas WH)
  • Seismic Straps are installed on the water heater body at least 2, top and down (For Areas Prone to Geological Activity, Earthquakes)
  • Water Temperature is adjusted to less than 120 Fahrenheit
  • Water Heater’s Source of Ignition is at least 18 inches away from the floor in a garage (Except for FVIR WHs)



  • Install a Water Shutoff Valve in case of emergency or draining your WH
  • Install a Gas Shutoff Valve in case of emergency or turning off your source (for Gas WH)
  • Once a year Flush your Water Heater to avoid any sediment buildup inside of WH (by using drain valve at the bottom of WH body)
  • Test your TPR valve by lifting the lever on the pressure-relief valve and let discharge pipe connected to TPR valve releases water (if it does not release water, replace the valve)
  • Replace WH anode rod inside for extending your water heater body service life (Consult with a Licensed Plumber about it)