How much do you know about Solid Aluminium Wiring?
Between 1965 and 1972 houses were wired with Aluminum instead of Copper. Do not get me wrong! We still use Aluminium Wiring in our Residential Electrical Systems but only the Stranded type, the second picture with the green circle. The problem is Solid Aluminium Wire which itself has no problem but its Poor Connections!

There is a high chance of Overheating and Fire Hazards in the Connections. And also Home Insurance Company probably will void insurance in case of the presence of Solid Aluminium Wiring in your house.

Recommendation and Solutions:
The best practice would be Rewiring by Copper which would be costly for sure or Using Copper in its all connections. If you realize your house is wired with Solid Aluminum Wiring not stranded, I recommend having a Certified Electrician evaluate your house wiring system. Again, Stranded Aluminium Wiring is safe to use, no need to worry about it.

By the way, Aluminum wires on their connections should have anti-oxidant cream, third picture with yellowish circles, to reduce the oxidation rate otherwise it increases the possibility of fire on wires over time.