TPR Valve is a Safety device for Water Heater, T stands for Temperature, P for Pressure, and R for Relief.
You can find this Saftey device on any Water Heater and on other Heating systems like Boilers.

What They Do and Why They are Important?

There are possibilities that Water Heater’s Temperature or Pressure exceeds its safe levels which in turn leads to Physical Damage to Water Heater itself and more importantly to people around that area, Safety Concern.

The Proper Way to Install a TPR Valve and of course the Easiest Way:

  • TPR Valve extension should be 4″-6″ off of the floor
  • No Capped
  • No Threaded

You can see two wrong installations with Red Arrows and the right installation, third photo.

A good tip would be,

Pay more attention to Safety Concerns in your Inspection Reports than Cosmetic or Minor Issues.