Downspouts are a vertical component in the Water Drainage System that is connected to Gutters on the roof to direct water from roof to ground. But what is a problem in these photos? They are all connected and in good condition, only one concern which is important for water drainage systems and homeowners.

Leaving downspout like this next to the house will end up collecting water around the house which in turn will be soaked by the soil around it and do not forget that your house foundation wall is under and next to that soil. In the long term, the foundation wall will be adversely affected by soaking water and changing soli physical features, compacting, and expanding soil and probably leaving the foundation wall vulnerable to cracks and movements.

Recommendation and Solutions:

In this case, there are options for draining water from downspout to outside of the house.

One way, you can dig a trench (6 inches wider than drain pipe) in front of downspout to place a pipe connected to the downspout, and the other goes away from the house.

The second way, have you pipe installed on the ground connected to downspout and at least 5 to 6 feet away from the house, so you know water would leave the house without affecting soil around the foundation wall.

Remember, Water is the first enemy of any house. Your job as a homeowner is to make sure the water drainage system works well and you do not see water accumulation around your house and its foundation wall.