Sometimes during an inspection, we come across foggy windows with the broken seal inside of the glass and put them in our report for further evaluation. While home inspection standards of practice exclude the identification of failed seals, we typically refer it to a licensed glass contractor to evaluate and repair if needed.

First, let us start with some information about this type of window and reason for this issue.

In past, there used to be single-pane windows installed in houses and over time with improvements in window industries, we see two or three glass panes packed together as a window and then are separated by air space between them with sealant around the edges to keep moisture out.

The air between glasses would be filled with inert gas, like Argon or Krypton to help to reduce the transfer of outdoor heat or cold through the window. If in any case, this seal happens to be broken or has leaked, we call this broken seal or foggy glass.


What makes a seal failed on windows?

  • Sunlight, glass expansion and contraction because of sunlight would increase the chance of seal fail
  • Labor Skills during installation time
  • Movement around the window frame that press glass panes as a physical factor can break sealing inside windows
  • Any physical and chemical activities around windows could be possible for broken seal


What signs you should look for?

One of the signs of a broken seal is condensation on glass because the seal is broken and air with moisture can get into the seal between panes and create a foggy appearance. So, if you see fog on windows and after touching you feel it is from inside of seal not on glass, that could be Broken Seal!

Another sign, when you look out of your windows items looks distorted which could be an indication of a broken seal window, too.


Recommendation and solutions:

If you do nothing about the window it could get worse or the same but there is a chance of crack on windows because of lack of seal among panes. So, we recommend have windows evaluation by a certified window contractor for proper decisions.